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Kids gift ideas for £10 to £20. Ideal birthday or christmas presents for a sports mad child.

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  • Boot Buddy

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    With the Boot Buddy there is no excuse for.muddy boots. As seen on Dragon's Den, this brilliant product cleans the dirtiest of boots with ease in less than a minute. This great invention is easy to use. Simply pick away the majority of the mud with the plastic pick. Unlock the waterflow and scrub with the strong brush. All the dirt simply washes away. Suitable for all types of sports boots including football, rugby, golf, horse riding as well as running shoes and hiking boots. Learn More

  • Gilbert Zenon Trainer Rugby Ball

    The Gilbert Zenon Trainer rugby ball has been designed to delivery outstanding performance in junior rugby. It is available in size 3 and 4 making it suitable for children aged between 6 and 12 years of age. This rugby ball has a high grip surface making it easy to handle in wet weather conditions. It is a great purchase as it is hard-wearing and will survive the punishment dished out in the garden, park or school rugby pitch. Learn More

  • Grays Rogue Wooden Hockey Stick

    The Grays Rogue Junior Hockey Stick is the perfect stick for young hockey players. It is a traditional wooden stick that has been reinforced with fibreglass and spray painted. Featuring a Maxi head shape which helps improve control and aids skill development. The handle is specially contoured to suit smaller hands. A great quality and value hockey stick. Learn More

  • Kwik Cricket Stumps

    The Kwik Cricket stumps and base is ideal for use indoors and out. It is light but heavy enough not to blow over. Made of durable plastic. Learn More

  • Mitre Mini Soccer

    The Mitre Mini Soccer ball is a 32 panel ball that has been designed specifically for children. It has been manufactured to keep it's shape for longer as well as maximising ball control and accuracy. Available in size 3 and 4 which make it appropriate for younger age groups (adult balls are size 5). A great match ball for young footballers starting to play for junior teams. Learn More


  • Mitre Ultimatch

    The Mitre Ultimatch is a quality 18 panel football that is suitable in all weathers and on any surface. It is available in size 3 and 4 which is age appropriate for younger footballers. Learn More


  • Prostar Cricket Shirt

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    The Prostar Solar Short Sleeve Youth Cricket shirt is a great quality shirt. It is great value particularly now it is in the sale! Suitable for children between 4 and 12 years of age.

    Note that Prostar cricketwear is generously sized so we recommend if you are between sizes, the smaller size would be the best choice. Learn More

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  • Prostar Geo T Base Layer Top

    Prostar Geo T junior base layer is a quality but great value base layer ideal for extra warmth when playing sport or enjoying being outside in the colder weather.

    Please note: we have found the sizing to be on the small side so would suggest that if in doubt you opt for a larger size.

    More colours coming soon... Learn More

  • PuttOUT Golf Putting trainer

    The PuttOUT Putting trainer is a brilliant, inexpensive aid to help improve a golfers putting. Designed to simulate putting into a real hole, each successful putt is returned the same distance it would have travelled past the hole had it missed. Putts that are absolutely accurate in terms of distance and line will hold in the target. If a putt is off line it will roll off the side of the PuttOUT or miss altogether. Wth its parabolic curved design the PuttOUT pressure Putt trainer is made out of high qualty elastomer polycarbonate. It is small and hs been designed so it folds up to fit into your golf bag. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use. 40% of all shots are made with the putter so get practising now to improve your score! Learn More

  • Rugby Training Partner Ball

    We love this new, original rugby ball for kids to train with and play with on their own. The Partner ball has a rounded ended meaning it rebounds and spirals back to the passer. It allows the child (or adults) of all abilities to practise their technique and skills including their spin pass, line-out throwing, scrum-half passing and even drop kicking skills. This size 4 ball is suitable for children from age 8 upwards, all the way up to the teenage years. Highly recommended. Learn More

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  • Slazenger Ace Tennis Racket

    An ideal tennis racket for children starting to play tennis. Suitable from three years of age this racket is made of tubular aluminium and is light weight. All sizes of rackets, apart from the 19" racket are sold with a head cover. It would make a great tennis racket for any aspiring Wimbledon player! Learn More

  • Slazenger Classic Twenty Tennis Racket

    The Slazenger Classic Tennis Racket is an affordable, lightweight racket choice for beginners as well as children playing at an intermediate level. Constructed out of aluminium it provides maximum frame strength and durability. It is sold with a 3/4 length head cover to protect the racket head. Great for playing tennis in the garden, park or on a court. Suitable from 4 years of age and upwards. Learn More

  • US Kids Golf 9 Iron Training

    The US Kids Golf 9 Iron with training grip has a specially moulded grip for the proper hand position. This a great first club for kids as it helps them start playing the game with a good grip and a resulting better swing. US Kids Golf products are specially designed for children with clubs up to 24% lighter than an adult club and a flexible shaft to make it easier and more fun to play golf. Available for right and left handed children. We highly recommend this product. Learn More

  • US Kids Golf UL 520 Steel Putter

    US Kids Golf 520 mallet style junior putter is a great design. The line on top helps young golfers line up their puts and the polymer insert gives it a lovely feel.

    Our son loves it down at the range or in the lounge! Suitable for kids from 4 to 12 years of age. Learn More


  • Zing Flashing Cricket Bails

    Already have stumps but want to experience the Zing? Then these flashing cricket bails are the product for you. Compatible with any stumps the LED technology results in the bails lighting up when they are dislodged by the bowler. The stumps have been designed for use with windballs or tennis balls but not a hard ball. Unlike many products batteries are included. This product is an economical version designed with juniors in mind to have fun with their friends and family in the garden rather than the high tech system seen on TV cricket. A great gift for a cricket loving child (or grown up) to experience the thrill of zinging a wicket!!! Learn More

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