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  • Paceman Bowling Machine Light Cricket Balls

    A pack of 12 Paceman light bowling machine balls designed exclusively for the Paceman. These light, yellow balls weigh 60 grams and have been designed with safety and performance in mind. They are compatible with the Paceman Original, Paceman Strike and Paceman Pro bowling machines. Learn More

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  • Paceman Bowling Machine Reg Cricket Balls

    A pack of 12 Paceman reg bowling machine balls designed exclusively for the Paceman. These reg, heavy balls weigh 145 grams and have been designed to simulate the weight and feel of a regulation cricket ball. They are suitable for use with the Paceman Pro and Paceman Strike bowling machines only. Learn More

  • Paceman Original Bowling Machine S2 with 13 balls

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    The Paceman Original S2 Bowling Machine is a quality, affordable product for junior cricketers. It produces accurate, reliable bowling simulation allowing the cricketer to practise their shots in their garden or at the cricket club. With variable speeds up to 90 kmph it is fully adjustable for full pitch and short pitch deliveries and is able to produce inswinger and outswinger deliveries. The S2 is an upgraded model of the Original, one of our best selling products over the last couple of years. This junior cricket bowling machine has been upgraded to include an integrated 3G drive system and a Titan 1/4 HP motor which results in a more reliable and efficient power source. It also benefits from rubber guard housing armour! This protects the machine against bumps and knocks during transport and storage as well as general wear and tear. Unlike many retailers the price of the Paceman Original S2 includes a box of 12 light Paceman balls to be used in the 12 ball autofeeder.. Perfect for budding cricketers, who like my son, spends hours practising their technique! NB: The Paceman Original is operated from a mains power supply but it is compatible with this rechargeable portable generator.
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  • Rucanor 500ml water bottle

    Rucanor 500ml water bottle will help keep your little ones hydrated and happy. Perfect for any sport. Learn More

  • Vortex Mega Howler

    Nerf Vortex can be thrown a long distance with built-in whistles that howl as it flies through the air. Perfect at helping develop throwing for any sport, with the added attraction of an ear piercing whistle to keep the young ones entertained too! Learn More

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