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  • Mitre Foldable Pop Up Football Goals

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    The Mitre foldaway pop up football goals are great fun in the garden, park or on the beach. Ideal for youngsters and and parents who don't want their garden dominated by sports equipment! The Mitre Foldaway Pop Up Football Goals has a unique design that assembles and folds flat in seconds. Packed away into a bag they are easy to transport and store. Each pack includes two goals. Comes complete with ground pegs. Learn More

  • Open Goaaal Football Goal and Rebounder

    For many children playing football in the garden is the perfect way to while away the day...but inevitably the football ends up in the neighbours garden putting a stop to the game. Open Goaaal is the genius solution to this common problem. It stops miss hit shots going over the fence and rebounds them back. Not only does it contain the football in the garden it is great for improving control as the rebound net can be used to practice football drills. Cleverly, Open Goaaal combines a white football goal surrounded by a large rebound net . Once the game is over Open Goaal slides back like a curtain so it does not obscure the garden. Open Goaaal is available in two sizes. The goal in the standard size measures 9'x 5' with a 3m high and 6.8 m wide rebound net. The larger goal is 16' x 7' in size with a wider rebound net measuring 29'. In order to fit the Open Goaaal in your garden you must have an area of grass that measures at least 5.3m to 8.1 m wide and 2m deep. Please ensure you measure the garden before buying. Open Goaaal must be installed only on grass not soil or tarmac.

    Check out Open Goaaal in action

    Learn More

  • Quick Play Kickster Academy Football Goal

    The Kickster Academy football goals are a popular and very highly thought of product. They are particularly appealing if you don't want to have a goal permanently in the garden or you wish to have the option of taking it to a friends house, the park, or on holiday. They are often bought to be used by junior football teams.

    As the poles come with preattached elastic cord, the goal is super speedy and easy to assemble. The frame is lightweight yet it is made out of steel and fibreglass so is very robust yet flexible. It packs down into a small, easy to carry bag making it ultra portable. A great product for any budding footballer.

    Available in three sizes: 6' x 4', 8' x 5' and 12' x 6' Learn More


  • QuickPlay Kickster Combo 8' x 5' Goal and Rebound Net

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    The Kickster combo goal is a football goal and rebounder in one. Super speedy and easy to assemble it is perfect for a football match but easy to adapt to the rebounder for training practice or when the child is on their own in the garden. The rebound net is suitable for large or small balls and ideal for improving reactions and hand/eye co-ordination.

    The Combo goal packs down quickly and easily into a bag making it ultra portable.

    Highly recommended by Little Big Sports! Learn More


  • Samba Football and Rugby Goal Posts - Free Delivery

    The Samba Football and Rugby Goal Post set makes a 12' x 6' goal with locking system or can be easily converted into a rugby post by removing the the top corners and adding the 'T' bar. A brilliant, versatile piece of equipment for the garden. A rugby post or football goal, you decide!! Delivery is free of charge. Learn More

  • Samba Football Goal Match 5' x 4'

    The Samba Football Goal Match is 5' wide (1.52m) x 4' (1.22m) high. Suitable for any size garden and can be used on any surface. Handily it is easy to take apart and will fit in an average sized car. A great addition to a smaller sized garden or even a primary school playing field. Learn More


  • Samba Fun Football Goal 8' x 4'

    This Samba Fun 8' x 4' Fun Football Goal is a great size goal for the garden. Measuring 8 foot across, 4 foot high and 4 foot 2 inches deep it is a perfect size without dominating the garden. It is the recognised size for five aside. Manufactured from 68mm diameter uPVC this goal is durable yet light weight and easy to assemble. It is easy to move around the garden and features locking corners for safety. Totally weatherproof, the Samba Fun goal can be left outside in all weather.

    Sold as a single goal it is perfect for the budding footballer practising in the garden.

    All Samba manufactured football goals are covered by a 12 month guarantee. Learn More


  • Samba Trainer Football Goal 8' x 6'

    This popular Samba Trainer Goal is 8 foot wide (2.4m) and 6 foot high (1.8m). It is a great size goal but still small enough for the garden. As with the smaller 8' x 4' Samba Trainer goal it is constructed out of high impact uPVC with a diameter of 68mm making it incredible strong. It is easy to assemble, requires no maintenance and is totally weatherproof. Sold as a single goal. All Samba manufactured football goals are covered by a 12 month guarantee. Learn More

8 Item(s)

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